Standard Metal Profile

Designed to offer exquisite appeal with an ideal combination of clean and unique look, Standard Metal Profile is durable and corrosion resistant.

Creating an illusionary effect, the Standard Metal Profile has the ability to give high quality acoustical ceiling systems that transforms the meaning of durability. By providing a contemporary look, standard metal profile is exquisitely developed for delivering highest standards of quality. Moreover, it is considered ideal for entertainment centres, hospitality regions and even transport terminals. 

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces renovation and maintenance cost
  • Accessible with High recycled content
  • Enhances acoustical performance
  • Finest visual delivery systems

Standard metal profile is a specialized product that makes ceiling systems appear to be exclusive because they support excellent specifications.

  • Colors: Cherry, Charcoal, Etched Ice Light, Flat Black
  • Material Used: Steel
  • Thickness : 0.40mm

Information provided are for reference purpose only and due care has been taken to ensure accuracy at time of publication. Products, specifications and requirements may vary according to geographical locations and applications. As each project is unique, please contact your local USGKnauf representative for further assessment.