USGKnauf for Homeowners

USGKnauf for Homeowners

USGKnauf’s drywall for homes beats conventional walls at soundproofing, and homeowners can now have unrestrained fun without disturbing the peace of the person next door. Music or entertainment nights no longer have to stop abruptly because your kids are in the next room studying or because you need to consider the early sleepers in the house.

In addition to the acoustical benefits, our drywall systems allow homeowners to create vibrancy easily by adding colours, patterns, and textures to your home decoration. You can effortlessly achieve your ideal design by decorating the drywalls to your preferred aesthetic finish either by paint, wallpaper, tiles or skirting. 

Homeowners can also save on electricity bills as our drywall enhances heat insulation and regulates room temperature. This technology provides you and your family a pleasant living environment.


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USGKnauf offers a wide choice of innovative building products & systems to help simplify the design & specification process. Select from performance tested products and systems solutions versatile enough to enable designers to meet fire, acoustic and impact performance standards across mulitple applications.