USGKnauf Glass-Mat products are designed with a high strength, water and mould-resistant gypsum core that’s non-combustible and fire-resistant. They also feature non-woven Glass-Mat surfaces on both sides, with different front surface options available depending on application needs.

Product Portfolio

USGKnauf Glass-Mat products are suitable for Interior walls, ceilings, shaftwalls and exterior walls..

USGKnauf SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Sheathing

This product is meant for exterior soffit and wet areas with high moisture and mould requirements. The 12.7mm thickness can be used as sheathing under exterior cladding and EIFS/DEFS.


USGKnauf SHEETROCK® Glass-Mat Mold Tough®

This product is used for interior applications, semi-exposed walls without direct exposure to rain, and exterior ceilings with paint finishing. The surface will be finished like plasterboard with improved surface smoothness on the front surface, available in tapered edge sizes.


USGKNAUF Glass-Mat Portfolio Benefits

Quick installation with no special tools required

Glass-Mat sheathing facer on both sides repels water

Fire-resistant with a non-combustible core

Warranted performance against weather exposure and manufacturing defects

Product Classification Dry Exposed to Moisture & Mould Exterior Walls & Ceilings
Application Interior Partitions Interior Ceilings Semi-exterior Partitions Ceilings Shaftwalls Tub / Shower / Pantry / WC / Kitchen Tub / Shower / Pantry / WC / Kitchen Exterior Envelope
Finish Paint Tile Paint Paint Paint Unfinished Exposure with Paint / 32kg / m2 Tiles Exposure with Paint / 32-75 kg / m2 Tiles Exterior Soffit EIFS Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems DEFS Direct Applied Exterior Finish Systems Cladding / Water Resistant Finishes
Glass-Mat Portfolio
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