Developed extensively for interior walls and wet sections of a place like bathrooms, USGKNAUF MOISTBLOC is applied to the wall framing for resisting moisture.

Extensively recognized by its green paper, USGKNAUF MOISTBLOC has the ability to resist moisture and perform in high humidity regions. In fact, it has been articulated as a base formation of ceramic tiles and found suitable. What adds to its popularity is the ability to lend support to ceramic tiles for a long stay. 

Features and Benefits

  • Resist extensive moisture levels
  • Withstands high level of humidity
  • Acts as a strong base for ceramic tiles

USGKnauf MOISTBLOC is a qualitative product laying foundation for long lasting stay of ceramic tiles and available with under-mentioned specifications.

  • Thickness: 12.5 and 16 mm
  • Size: 1220x1830 and 1220x2440
  • Edge: Tapered

Information provided are for reference purpose only and due care has been taken to ensure accuracy at time of publication. Products, specifications and requirements may vary according to geographical locations and applications. As each project is unique, please contact your local USGKnauf representative for further assessment.