Formulated for resistance to abrasion, scraping and rubbing, USGKNAUF IMPACBOARD is a masterpiece that reduces damage and maintenance cost.

Powered to provide exceptional amount of strength, sound insulation and fire resistance to partitions, USGKNAUF IMPACBOARD is a specially carved gypsum board that is corrosion resistant and offers longer support. Extensively suited to high traffic areas where partitions are prone to damage, it tends to offer combined support of strength, sound insulation and fire resistance. Its quality is expressive of providing exclusive assistance to maintenance of walls and ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Resists corrosion, fire, abrasion and scrapping
  • Offers strength and sound insulation
  • Lowers damage and maintenance cost

USGBORAL IMPACBOARD is a wonderful support for maintaining the health of walls and ceilings by giving strength to the partitions.

  • Thickness: 12.5 mm
  • Size: 1220x1830 mm
  • Edge: Tapered

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