Possessed with the capability to reduce echo and sound through holes with a Glass Fibre Matt, USGKNAUF ECHOBLOC tends to achieve excellent sound absorption rating.

Extensively used in ceiling and wall to enhance sound absorption quality, USGKNAUF ECHOBLOC has the ability to achieve desired decorative finish. Highly utilized in open plan areas for controlling the sound quality, the ECHOBLOC has gained accolades for quality performance. What makes it powerful is the round and square holes that tend to absorb sound for restricting the disturbance level. With the assistance of this system, sound travelling happens to reduce extensively. 

Features and Benefits

  • Absorbs sound at extensive level
  • Reduces echo to control transmission of sound
  • Powered to achieve decorative finish

USGKnauf ECHOBLOC is a wonderful option to manage sound system in high traffic areas and exhibits excellent specifications.

  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Size: 1200x2400
  • Edge: Tapered

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