FIBEROCK® AT AR Interior Panel

Manufactured to outperform paper-faced gypsum board, FIBEROCK® AT AR Interior Panel has emerged from recycled materials.

Being a perfect alternative to plaster and cement block, FIBEROCK® AT AR Interior Panel is a highly durable panel that exhibits tremendous amount of strength. Its ability is explicit in resisting dents, breakage and punctures. This has made it an ideal choice for high traffic areas like educational institutes, residential areas and commercial complexes. Powered to function effectively in sturdy areas, FIBEROCK® AT AR Interior Panel has managed to create a special market for itself.

Features and Benefits

  • No face paper to scratch or tear
  • Repel denting, breaking and puncturing in high-traffic areas
  • Offer excellent fire resistance
  • Acts as an economical alternative to concrete block and plaster construction
  • Supremely usable for institutional, commercial and residential interiors
  • Certified and recycled content of 95 percent

Auditoriums/Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Convention/Meeting Rooms, Corridors/Hallways, Department Stores/Boutiques, Dormitories, Exterior Soffits/Indoor Parking Garages, Garages, Grocery Stores, Health and Fitness, Laboratories/Operating Rooms/Imaging Rooms, Mall Interior Spaces, Mechanical Rooms, Patient Rooms, Restrooms/Utility Rooms/Loading Docks, Stairways/Elevator Shafts, Warehouses

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