Topo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Suspension System

Possessing the ability to create dynamic ceiling designs, Topo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Suspension System holds the edge of creating visually stunning designs.

Holding significance in the market for developing unique topographical panels, Topo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Suspension System had edged over others for performing efficiently. With the ability to give a new look to the ceiling; it carries pre-formulated opaque panels that get installed easily. In the world of specialized ceilings, it has managed to gain significance for lending a new look to the ceilings. It is the modernity gaining momentum that has created options to attract customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-engineered utility circles billet superfluous lighting
  • Available in different shades
  • Custom panted for lending a unique look
  • Ability to create varied ceiling topographies
  • Luminous and opaque infill panel colors enrich the lighting system

Topo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Suspension System is a marvellous ceiling system that has added advantage for being artistic in nature.

  • Colors: White Translucent and White Opaque
  • Light Transmission: 8% for white opaque and 26% for white translucent 
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