The Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System provides endless possibilities to create a unique ceiling design

Used extensively to develop 3 dimensional patterns, Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panels holds importance for lending unique patterns to the ceiling.

CGC Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panels support project managers with the capability of articulating an extensive variety of designs having varying depths. What makes them stand apart in the crowd of specialty ceilings is their power to get installed without difficulty and allowing for full ceiling approachability. Moreover, the pre-engineered utility factor permits simplified integration of utilities and lighting. 

Features and Benefits

  • Numerous profiles and depths advance new dimension to ceiling design
  • Panel depths of 1", 2" and 3" permit a spectrum of possibilities, from elusive textures to bold rhythms
  • 2'x2' lay-in panels are well-suited with 9/16" and 15/16" CGC Donn® Brand suspension systems
  • Concrete or perforated panels
  • Obtainable in Flat White, Silver Satin and customized colors for design flexibility

Geometrix™ 3-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panels have the potential to enjoy extensive qualities highlighted through quality specifications.

  • Material Used: Aluminium
  • Colors: Silver Satin, Flat White and Customized Shades
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