GridWare™ Open Cell Decorative Suspension System

Exquisite Design with a Unique Ceiling System has made GridWare™ Open Cell Decorative Suspension System look appealing.

Modernized with three standard grid profiles and matched to create unique patterns, GridWare™ Open Cell Decorative Suspension System holds significance as a conventional suspension system. Moreover, it is powered to give an ultimately clean appeal by eliminating extraneous punches and perforations. This ceiling system has the uniqueness of giving fine look with its qualitative features. 

Features and Benefits

  • Open-cell suspension system painted 360°
  • Tees perforated with only the essential cross tee holes for a clean look
  • Obtainable in three standard grid profiles: 9/16", 15/16" and 1-1/2"
  • Simplified system willingly lodges standard 2'x4' and 2'x2' lay-in light fixtures and air diffusers
  • Customized shades available

GridWare™ Open Cell Decorative Suspension System is one of the most interesting and spectacular looking ceiling system that has attracted many in the industry.

  • Colors: Glossy White, Chrome, Silver Satin, Fat Black and Customized Shades
  • Types: Weave, Ripple, Small Wave and Big Wave
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