Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System

Possessing endless abilities to create dramatic designs, Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System holds importance for highlighting structural plans of the building.

Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System has a three dimensional curved design that joins hands with shape, texture and lighting system to create wonders. The curved main tee fragments, suspension contours, discretionary edge trim, and malleable infill panels deliver infinite possibilities to generate striking and intense designs. Being accessible in two configurations, it tends to allow excellent flexibility towards customizing the designs as per requirements. Certainly, the structural elements lend high end stability to the entire ceiling for a long lasting assistance. 

Features and Benefits

  • Create vivid three-dimensional curved patterns that syndicate shape, texture and lighting
  • Curved main tee segments and malleable panels provide endless combinations
  • Available in two configurations: One-Directional Curvatura™ with 2'x6' infill panels and Two-Directional Curvatura with 2'x2' panels
  • Conventional 15/16" grid profile
  • Coordinating colors for trim and suspension Wood Tone panels
  • Customized shades available
  • Accessible with High Recycled Content (HRC)

Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System is marvelled with qualitative specifications for a lasting appeal.

  • Colors: Silver Satin, Dark Bamboo, Light Cherry, Flat White, Metallic Oyster, Metallic Copper
  • Material Used: Painted steel 
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