Compässo™ Elite Ceiling

Possessing the ability to create spectacular looking ceilings and fascia, Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim defines exquisite shape that has been powered to define space for an eternal beauty.

Manufactured with qualitative benefits of controlling sound, lay-in fixtures, and accessibility, it has all the features of a suspension system. Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim stands proud in the market as an economical, spectacular and enduring solution for managing the sound system. It looks really wonderful and adds suave touch to the whole atmosphere of the room. Indeed, balancing the sound quality is its plus point and important aspect. 

Features and Benefits

  • Generates free-form ceiling islands or fascias to outline space and deliver high visual impact
  • Accessible in capricious trim heights
  • Costs quite less than conventional drywall soffit edifice
  • Customized and delivered onsite pre-engineered
  • Robust, sturdy and long-lasting steel or aluminum creation
  • Assured to fit all USGKnauf ceiling structures

Compässo™ Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim is designed authentically to explore the brilliance of sound management aspects.

  • Color: White
  • Material Used: HDG Steel
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