C2 Paired Compässo™ Channel Accents

Preparing a powerful ground for applied signage and graphics, C2 Paired Compässo™ Channel Accents is intended to add a dynamic touch to the ceilings.

Being multi-functional in performance, C2 Paired Compässo™ Channel Accents have the potential to integrate signage and lighting. What makes it easily manageable is the ability to get suspended easily with the unmatched assistance of wire, hanger, cable and rod. What makes these forms of ceiling patterns is that they boost the appeal of existing ceiling. The excellence of this specialty ceiling is extensively evident from the ease of operation offered by it. With an unlimited permutation of straight and arched pieces, which permit for crafting inimitable configurations with the undying support of circles, curves, straight pieces, arcs and angles.

Features and Benefits

  • Distinctive, multi-tasking ceiling accents syndicate form and occupation
  • Effortlessly assimilate lighting and signage and be utilized as direction-finding devices
  • Obtainable in straight and curved sections with color range defined as standard color, advantage color and customized needs
  • Allows easy installation and removal with hanger wire, cable or rods

Marvellously prepared to outshine others in the industry, C2 Paired Compässo™ Channel Accents have specifications to notify.

  • Material Used: Painted steel
  • Type of Finish: Standard color, Advantage color and custom colors
  • Size: 5.8 inch in Narrow Reveal and 1-3.8 inch in Wide Reveal
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