Creates free-form ceiling islands or fascias to define space and provide visual impact, Edge Trims metal ceiling system costs a fraction of conventional drywall soffit construction

Affordable in nature, high on performance and qualitative in providing visual appeal, Edge Trims metal ceiling system is the right thing to apply in contemporary offices, entertainment centres as well as high bay areas. What makes it a preferred choice is the ability to be customized as per client needs and arrive pre-engineered for easy installation. Moreover, the durability factor ensures long lasting performance. The multiple edge trim options have put it in the category of functionally efficient metal ceiling systems. 

Features and Benefits

  • Creates free-form ceiling islands or fascias to dene space and provide visual impact
  • Available in4" and 6" trim heights
  • Costs a fraction of conventional drywall sot construction
  • Made to order - arrives onsite pre-engineered
  • Developed with strong, durable and long-lasting steel or aluminium 

Edge Trims is the ideal solution to exercise control over the sound system for better functionality.

  • Height: 4 and 6 inch
  • Attachment Clip: Corner, Grid and Edge Attachment Clip
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