Logix™ Integrated Ceiling System

Transforming lighting system of the ceiling into spectacular designs by integrating them into specialized ceiling plans, Logix Integrated Ceiling System is a perfect combination of visual design elements and high quality performance.

Logix Integrated Ceiling System is an environmental friendly system that works in liaison with striking visual impact framework for meeting extensive building requirements. In fact, the aim is to transform the ceiling system into a modernistic space that happens to suit any type of commercial interior. Having a special place in the market with its range of products like light fixtures, air diffusers, sprinklers and returns, this integrated ceiling system is worth giving a try. 

Features and Benefits

  • Monolithic, structured ceiling visual using standard components 
  • High light-reflective finish reduces light fixtures and energy use 
  • Coordinates visually with Halcyon™ and Mars™ Logix panels for open/closed plan applications 

Considered extensively wonderful in terms of quality presentation and appealing look, this ceiling system has managed to gain attraction for ability to modernize a ceiling structure.

  • Type of Product: Metal Specialty Ceiling Panels, Connector Ceiling Panels, Specialty Suspended Ceiling
  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Colors: Flat White
  • Edge Profile: Fine Line and Flush Mount
  • Sustainability: 90 percent

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