UNI T Grid - 24mm

Accessible with the demountable ability, UNI T Grid – 24 mm is articulated with hot dipped galvanized iron sheet for a durable effect.

As an advanced product laced with easy installation and corrosion resistant qualities, UNI T Grid - 24mm has managed to gain acknowledgement for its qualitative demountable designs. It is an eco-friendly product that has been extensively compatible with light fixtures, acoustical title and air diffusers. Glorified with the capability of resisting fire, it is exclusively for unique designs applicable at clean manufacturing areas, healthcare centres, pharmaceutical areas and entertainment centres. 

Features and Benefits

  • Quick to install and offers tight installation
  • Open for modification after installation
  • Demountable quality makes relocation easier
  • Cost effective product and globally compatible

Powered to perform wonderfully by battling out fire and corrosion, UNI T Grid - 24mm is available in heavy duty and medium duty variations.

  • Material: High quality hot dipped Galvanized Iron Sheet
  • Coating: 120gm/sq meter zinc coating
  • Capping: 0.25mm pre coated white GI sheet
  • Wall angle: GI pre-coated white (polyester coating) on one side black color /premier on other side
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