DONN® ZXLA™ Acoustical Suspension System

Designed to guard the structural framework from corrosion, DONN® ZXLA™ Acoustical Suspension System has the potential to meet national code requirements.

As all know that suspension systems hold the responsibility adding desirable link to the structural framework, DONN® ZXLA™ Acoustical Suspension System is intended towards providing eco-friendly atmosphere. Besides this, the ability to resist corrosion and stay long than thought, this acoustical suspension system has been appreciated by all. Certainly, greatness lies in its worth of quality presentation and efficient functioning. 

Features and Benefits

  • Extensively tested for delivering environmental friendly atmosphere
  • Apt for wind lift applications
  • Stainless steel clip and polyester paint finish corrosion resistance finish
  • Easy installation in compliance with ASTM C636, Cisca and ASTM E 580 industry standards

DONN® ZXLA™ Acoustical Suspension System functions efficiently with the tremendous support of highly technical specifications.

  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Class: A
  • Color: Flat White
  • ASTM Class: Intermediate and Heavy Duty

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