DONN® IDENTITEE™ DXI™ Acoustical Suspension System

Developed to express quality at its best, DONN® IDENTITEE™ DXI™ Acoustical Suspension System is prepared to adjust with minor alterations and narrow lighting.

Considered optimum for high quality and durable installation, DONN® IDENTITEE™ DXI™ Acoustical Suspension System has always proved its worth. Supportive to the installation of different sized frameworks, it has managed to gain recognition for its ideal compatibility with Logix Integrated Ceiling System. It tends to abolish mitered intersections for bettering the functional aspect of entire acoustical suspension system. As an innovative move for accentuating design flexibility, it has enabled clients to have a better sound control energy.

Features and Benefits

  • Narrow profile grid system for excellent compatibility
  • Powered to meet national code requirements
  • Customized shades available for a fine finish
  • Proprietary cap lance offers quality coating alternatives for boosting product needs
  • Accessible with High Recycled Content for effective functioning
  • Extensively attuned with Logix Integrated Ceiling Systems 
  • Unified reveal at interlinks
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Ability to withstand high humidity levels

A product that has acted as the backbone of acoustical suspension structure, DONN® IDENTITEE™ DXI™ Acoustical Suspension System has been rated one of the best.

  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Type of Edge: Identitee 9/16
  • Class: A
  • Colors: Azure, Beige, Blue Grey, Breeze, Charcoal, Flat Black, Flat White, Galvanized Clear Coat, Halo, Manila, Mist, Nectar, Parchment, Quartz, Redwood, Safari, Sandstone, Sienna, Silver Satin, Silvertone, Slate, Sorbet, Spruce, Squash, Straw, Taupe, Tuscany
  • Sustainability: 60.7 percent

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