DONN® FINELINE® DXF/DXLF Acoustical Suspension System

Accentuated with a monolithic appeal and pocket-friendly grid system, DONN® FINELINE® DXF/DXLF Acoustical Suspension System has everything that lets the world of acoustic panels glitter.

Allowing simplified approach to the ceiling structural panel, the narrowed profile becomes powerful enough to hide suspension system under the curtains of acoustic panels. Also, accommodating partition attachments and pendant mounted light fixtures; it is one thing to go for. Indeed, controlling sound quality for powering efficient functioning of the tasks carried out has mandated for these panels. And ensuring high level of durability is its highlighting factor. What makes it a favorable choice is the supply of acclimatized air to modern office environment. 

Features and Benefits

  • Narrow-profile, positioned grid system exposition provides rationalized appearance
  • Well-matched with Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Structures
  • Outdoes all national code requirements based on seismic
  • High-graded wind load tests conducted for use in exterior environments
  • Accessible with High Recycled Content
  • Resistant to high humidity levels

Considered a highly important product in the category of qualitative acoustical panel systems, DONN® FINELINE® DXF/DXLF Acoustical Suspension System has specifications to be considered.

  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Class: A
  • Color: Flat White, Flat Black, Black Reveal, Silver Satin
  • Sustainability: 65 percent

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