DONN® DXT™ Narrow Face

Equipped with superior modified polyester paint finish, DONN® DXT™ Narrow Face is an ideal solution to offer Grid Module steadfastness.

Composed effectively with the components that are corrosion free and extensively compatible with reveal-edge as well as square-edge, DONN® DXT™ Narrow Face has the ability to withstand high humidity levels. Its qualitatively modified polyester finish adds to the overall appeal of the suspension system. Moreover, it complies well with ASTM C 635 and ASTM E580 standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Rust free quality adds to the overall value
  • Ability to create a monolithic ceiling plane
  • Quick to install and ensures extensive firmness
  • Withstand humidity levels for a durable assistance

DONN® DXT™ Narrow Face is an efficient product, laced with exceptional specifications making it highly demandable.

  • Product Component: Main Tee, Cross Tee and Wall Angle
  • Unit: Metric and Imperial
  • Class: A

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