DONN® DXLA™ & DXACE ™ Acoustical Suspension System

Explicating strength and versatility, DONN® DXLA™ & DXACE ™ Acoustical Suspension System stands proud in the market for veracity in fire-rated applications.

Known extensively in the market as versatile system opening gates for controlled environs, DONN® DXLA™ & DXACE ™ Acoustical Suspension System is surely to lend extensive support. Indeed, its quality is well exhibited in the ability to resist corrosion and be applicable to fire rated applications. What makes it worthy enough to stand alone in the market is the quality of beauty and strength. Apart from this, its pocket friendly approach has gained a lot fo accolades. 

Features and Benefits

  • Offers corrosion resistance applicability for long term usage
  • Cross-tee override-ends repel meandering and offer a fine appeal
  • Customized colors available for extensive choice
  • Simplicity in terms of design and economical in price
  • Withstands high humidity levels
  • Offers superb performance by surviving disinfected chemical effect
  • Accessible with High Recycled Content
  • Steel body provides strength to the structure

Holding a reputation in the market for giving incomparable performance by laying strong foundation, DONN® DXLA™ & DXACE ™ Acoustical Suspension System is highlighted with certain specifications.

  • Type of Edge: Aluminium Capped Exposed
  • Material: HDG Steel, Aluminium Cap
  • Color: Flat White and Silver Satin
  • Class: A
  • Sustainability: 51.3 percent

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