DONN® Acoustical Suspension System “F” Moldings

Manufactured aesthetically for   enumerating dimensions and meeting seismic requirements, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System “F” Molding has the worth to justify performance.

Fashioned effectually for developing divulges in ceiling parameters and draping high-end flaws, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System “F” Molding has been considered as the most suitable attribute of acoustical suspension system. When it comes to manipulating acoustical ceiling management, these suspension panels are considered ecstatically imperative. Exhibiting high level of quality, this component of suspension system has gained palms. 

Augmenting the performance level, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System “F” Molding has lent exclusive support to the suspension system for better functionality. 

Features and Benefits

  • Extends performance support
  • Covers up flaws for quality performance
  • Ability to withstand high humidity levels
  • Quick and easy to install

Designed to suit every need and pocket, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System “F” Molding has been developed with master specifications:

  • Type of Edge: F Molding
  • Product: Wall Molding, Ceiling Suspension System F Molding,
  • Standard Suspension System
  • Class: A
  • Color: White
  • Sustainability: 25 percent

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