DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings

Accredited for lending exquisite visual appeal, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings are like backbone of the suspension system.

Designed with utmost care to suit any kind of ceiling maintenance, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings are known for their high quality performance. Idolized as the most suitable accessory to play a vital role in designing structural framework of suspension system, it has developed a special position in the market. The product is opted for hiding imperfections in the drywall partitions and holding the ceiling tiles efficiently. 

Powered to hold ceiling tiles and filling drywall partitions, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings has the ability to work commendably.

Features and Benefits

  • Hides imperfections in Drywall Partitions for a quality functional process
  • Strengthening the grip of acoustical suspension system
  • Significant in developing ‘breaks’ in ceiling for soffits
  • Processes efficient changing in the elevation
  • Ability to withstand humidity

Revolutionizing the acoustical world, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings have emerged as a perfect foundation.

  • Type of Edge: Angle Molding
  • Product: Wall Molding, Ceiling Suspension System Angle Molding, Standard Suspension system
  • Class: A
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colors: Beige, Alabaster, Blue Grey, Azure, Charcoal, Donn White, Flat White, Flat Black, Halo, Manila, Mist, Nectar, Parchment, Plated Chrome, Plated Brass, Quartz, Redwood, Sandstone, Safari, Silvertone, Sienna, Silver Satin, Spruce, Slate, Squash, Straw, Tuscany, Taupe, Woodgrain

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