Olympia Micro Clima Plus

Idolized as a perfect alternative for sound immersion, Olympia Micro Clima Plus has the ability to carve a niche in the Acoustic Panel market with its superior quality light reflectance, mildew resistance, mould resistance and ceiling attenuation.
Olympia Micro Clima Plus is well suited for controlling the acoustic level at restaurants, hotels, conference areas, lobby regions, classrooms and retail stores. Powered with the ability to balance sound energy level, it is aimed at reducing the intensity of the volume produced.

Mastered with water-felted industrial process, Olympia Micro Clima Plus is set to give excellent ceiling attenuation class (CAC) performance. Its support comes from face score panel that works towards crafting a delusion of a small-scaled ceiling structure without conceding accessibility.




  • Non-directional pattern reduces installation time and wastage.

  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year lifetime system warranty to withstand conditions up to 49°C (120°F)/99% relative humidity without visible sag when used with a DONN® Brand suspension system.



• Water-felted mineral fiber

• High Recycled Content



• Offices

• Classrooms

• Reception/Lobby areas

• Hotel

• Conference areas

• Retail stores




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