Considered as a perfect example of modern day sound controlling system, Mars Clima Plus Acoustical Ceiling Panels are stylized with legitimate aesthetics and brilliant performance.

Possessing incomparable qualities like finely surfaced, excellent performer, remarkable sag resistant ability, high light reflectance worth and volume balancing ability, Mars Clima Plus Acoustical Ceiling Panels have attained a special position in the market. Denoted as a durable product, it has been developed to lend long-term support in managing varied sound levels. Moreover, it has been created with the power of a unique procedure for boosting anti-sagging capability. The qualitative factors adding to the popularity of Mars Clima Plus Acoustical Ceiling Panels as noise reduction coefficients as well as solid ceiling attenuation class performance. 

With quick installation and easy to clean abilities, Mars Clima Plus Acoustical Ceiling Panels have been recognized as a wonderful option to be used for department stores, offices, corridors, reception area and even lobbies. 

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to fix light finish for efficient energy production
  • Scratch resistant in terms of wear and tear management
  • Passes USDA standards for usage in food processing units
  • Accessible in high recycled content for performance efficiency
  • 30 year lifetime warranty
  • Highly attuned with Logix integrated ceiling systems
  • Low emitting product

The excellent glow of Mars Clima Plus Acoustical Ceiling Panel is because of following components:

  • Type of Edge: SQ, SLT and FLB
  • Panel Size: 2x2x3/4 and 2x4x3/4 in all three edges
  • Class: A
  • NRC: 0.70
  • CAC: 35
  • LR: 0.89
  • Color: White
  • Grid Options: A,B, C and A,B in SQ; D in SLT;E,F,G,H in FLB

Possessed with the ability to reduce and control sound energy waves, Mars Clima Plus Acoustical panels are applicable at: 

  • Healthcare centres
  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Conference rooms
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