Drywall Partition with 70mm Stud

Disclaimer: Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of USG Boral Materials Estimators, products and systems do change over time, and interpretations may vary, which means USG Boral Building Products cannot accept liability for the accuracy of information supplied (or lack thereof), or any consequences which happen as a result. USG Boral Materials Estimators are intended as a guide only and do not replace professional judgement. Installation of USG Boral products must also be in accordance with the USG Boral installation information. Quantities are approximate and based on the area being square. Room shape/area variances must be taken into consideration.

The stud quantity is estimated based on the assumption of one stud at full wall height. Suitable allowance must be considered for stud splicing or overlapping. For more information, kindly contact USG Boral representatives. Joint Compound to suite installation, refer to USG Boral for details. Please note that screws and bolts are sold per box. Quantity per box varies depending on the type and size. Please contact your local USG Boral representative to confirm the nearest box quantity when pricing or ordering.