DONN® DXW™ Acoustical Suspension System

Designed for large scale installations and meeting extensive load capacity, DONN® DXW™ Acoustical Suspension System is powered to meet the needs of acoustical panels and light fixtures.

Laying emphasis on strong modular definition, DONN® DXW™ Acoustical Suspension System has the ability to create marvellous opportunities for the company to make a mark in the acoustical panels. Not just suitable for large scale installations; rather, higher level ceilings also form a part of its applications. This product has been extensively renowned for strong modular utilization and stands proud as an efficient product meeting high quality needs. In fact, it has the power to resist rust and gives long life to the product. With the ability to be installed easily, DONN® DXW™ Acoustical Suspension System is ideal for every company.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed meticulously for large panel modules and high bay areas
  • Adaptable to meet high safety needs
  • Meets National Code requirements for safety needs
  • Twist resistance capability offers suave look
  • Customized colors available for an extensive selection
  • Accessible with High Recycled Content
  • High loading capacity is suitable for light fixtures and acoustical panels

Meeting high quality standards have proven the worth of DONN® DXW™ Acoustical Suspension System and its specifications shout it out loud.

  • Type of Product: Ceiling Suspension System, Grid and Standard Suspension System
  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Class: A
  • Color: Flat White
  • Sustainability: 60 percent

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