DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Accessories

Accoutrements that are built to strengthen the foundation of suspension systems, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Accessories holds significant position in the market.

Making the installation of suspension system easier than thought, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Accessories have earned goodwill in the market. They are intended to further the suspension system for performing efficiently. Ranging from stabilizer bars to galvanized hanger wire to cross tee hole punches, these accessories are surely to transform a ceiling project from a tedious task to a smooth operation. 

In fact, it is a set of accessories or small parts that makes the assembling process of a suspension system quick. Possessing the quality of allowing mobility and functionality of a system, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Accessories are worth buying.

Features and Benefits

  • Has the ability to strengthen the base of a suspension system
  • Lends efficiency to the entire system for performing qualitatively
  • Allows a ceiling installation project go quick and smooth

Exhibiting a high level of quality, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Accessories have their own significance in the market.

  • Panel Size: 48.49 inch
  • Panel Width: 0.9375 inch
  • Texture: Grout
  • Class: A
  • Type of Material: Steel
  • Color: White
  • Sustainability: 25 percent

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